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At the heart of what we do is our custom market research and analytics. We listen to your goals and craft a strategic plan to get the qualitative and quantitative results you need.

Survey Design

Yield legitimate outcomes with our market research surveys.

Report Writing

Data-driven business decisions with comprehensive reports.

Data Collection

Make relevant and accurate data your future-driving asset.


Develop a hypothesis to navigate through markets with charting.

Data Analysis

Visualize ‘Big’ with data analysis and market analytics.

Lead Generation

Win High-quality Lead by Targeting High-quality Audiences.

See Why We are the Best

With Martinet, you’ll get fresh research-based insights that drive direction and help you craft radically intuitive customer focused experiences.


Years of experience

A team of experienced market analysts will introduce new aspects of research.



Passionate business analysts in our team are happy to help you with all your business needs across geographies.



Our vast experience of working with projects from various industries expands our scope.


Total sample

Reach out to us for balanced samples of all our services that most suffice your requirements.

Why Our Clients Trust Us

In a day and age where content is king and information is a crucial cog that drives the wheels of business strategy, we at Martinet Research believe that the systematic gathering and interpretation of data about markets, individuals and organizations is crucial as an information source. Of course, what follows thereafter includes use of statistical and analytical methods and techniques to gain insights that support corporate decision making. Though Market Research itself was conceptualized and practiced in the United States during the 1920’s as part of the radio station boom, today such activities have become vital to the business strategies of many corporations across the world.

Our company specializes in providing customized services in quantitative and qualitative research by following international guidelines and methodologies. Our efforts are always directed to ensure that the data we capture is 100% authentic and tamper-proof.

Tell us your biggest research challenges, and we’ll help you come up with a plan to tackle them.

What peoples say about us

We are delighted to have worked with diverse brands across the world and are immensely proud of the reputation and strong long-term relationships we have built with our clients.
Discover why our client rely on us to deliver..

“Martinet Research is a trusted, reliable resource. They’re easy to work with, take a collaborative approach, and deliver projects on time.”
Opus Research
“It was nice working with Martinet Research. Especially the fast response and lead times, flexibility and tailored approach were highly appreciated. We look forward to collaborating with them on more such opportunities in future”
Kotak Securities
“I had the pleasure of working with Martinet research on multiple projects – field survey, telephone interviews and respondents gathering on pan Indian levels. All the projects were delivered on time and work is more than satisfactory. I don’t have any hesitation in awarding future projects”
IIT Delhi

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